Spica Table

Surviving life with a Toddler in a Spica Cast

Spica Table

Posted by Bouton Adalene on Wednesday, 27 May, 2020 18:10:10

Spica Table The OrthoPediatrics Spica Table offers surgeons a properly engineered device for casting procedures. This radiolucent, lightweight, and durable device enables the user to carefully hold hip or femur reduction and take fluoroscopic images of the patient before application of the hip spica cast.

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The Allen Advance Table is a specialist table for complex surgical procedures for use with patients up to 600 lbs (272 kg). It offers radiolucency through the whole working length of the table. For surgeries that require the patient to be re-positioned from supine to prone or vice versa whilst still anesthetized, it rotates through 360°.

Her total cast time was 8 weeks. Haley started walking with the spica cast on. Your table literally was a life saver for Haley and us. We were able to get Haley off her feet and at the table for hours of fun projects. She forgot she was in the spica cast and just played like an active toddler should.

Gavin's Spica Spica chair plans aren't about construction, they're about kids. The end product, and the whole point, is to give little people an opportunity to forget about the stuff that's not so much fun, and just be the angels they really are. These are the plans for Gavin's Spica. This is Gavin's story.

Pediatric with polished finish Presenting The Pediatric Spica Table, the pediatric specialist''s best choice for spica cast wrapping tables. Click Here for a Quote Our Spica Table is designed and manufactured according to the specifications of a leading pediatric surgeon.