Shelving On Both Sides Of Fireplace

fireplaces with bookshelves on each side the shelves

Shelving On Both Sides Of Fireplace

Posted by Boutin Aceline on Monday, 30 March, 2020 18:49:17

Steps: 1. Measure the space and cut the sides, top, bottom and shelves out of ¾-inch plywood. 2. Build the frame for each cabinet by creating a box with the plywood pieces and nailing together. 3. Install the cabinets by screwing through the back into the wall studs. 4. Build the mantel the

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I recently redid my family room. I have a similar layout but the room already had built in cabinet/shelves on both sides of the fireplace. but they were a gross wood panel look from the 60's. We had them redone and painted them dove white. Love them and they provide so much storage. Reply

Depending on height, it has two to five shelves inside a frame of five pieces of wood--two sides, a top, a back, and a bottom. However, building a book shelf around a fireplace requires more than slapping five pieces of wood into a serviceable frame and placing the shelves.

Instead, just have both sides cut flat to the same height (i.e. 30 1/4" for a 31' high cabinet) and use screen molding to cover up the edge on the fireplace side. Prior to cutting the panels and assembling the cabinets, note the "best side" for each panel you use. The cabinet top and fireplace-facing side should be the best sides.

After the fireplace details were in order, the carpenter secured the two shelving units on both sides of the fireplace. They looked pretty amazing… even without the paint done or crown molding installed.