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Posted by Bouton Adaliz on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 02:13:45

Home Oxygen Therapy can help get your body the extra oxygen it needs so you can breathe better. Learn more about how to get started with home oxygen therapy.

A continuous flow of oxygen provides consistent, high levels of oxygen that allow the oxygen user to maintain an acceptable level of Oxygen saturation. Home concentrators feature oxygen outputs ranging anywhere from 2 Liters per Minute (LPM) up to 10 LPM.

Home Oxygen Therapy MLN Booklet Page 4 of 35 ICN 908804 October 2017 Patient tested during exercise and, if during the day while at rest, arterial PO2 is at or above 56 mm Hg or an arterial oxygen

Home Oxygen Company is a leader in respiratory services in the Central Valley and strives to educate patients about the latest technologies that can help those with respiratory difficulties. The company has services ranging from oxygen technology and therapy, sleep apnea therapy, power mobility & Durable Medical Equipment.

Home oxygen therapy involves breathing in air that contains more oxygen than normal from a cylinder or machine in your home. It may be prescribed if you have a heart or lung condition that causes low oxygen levels in your blood. You can take oxygen in a number of ways using a: If you have a health

Oxygen machines for home use are usually much larger than portable units and offer more oxygen flow. Many of these large units can also supply oxygen for up to 50 feet of tubing, allowing significant mobility to patients within their own home.