Oblong Return Desk

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Oblong Return Desk

Posted by Brice Alixandra on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 09:52:32

Glass Desks. Glass desks also come in a range of shapes and sizes so you can adapt your desk choice to the size and shape of the room you plan to place it in, as well as your storage needs and ideal work setup. You can choose from among L-shaped glass desks that truly dominate a room, to glass corner desks that are ideal for

The other benefit to L-shaped desks with hutches are that they are great for decoration as well as storage. You can put plants, books, or even knick-knacks to make your desk look terrific. Some other features you can add on top of a L-shaped desk with a hutch are extra file cabinets to keep your papers organized in a safe place.

We this desk set ready for resale. This set features: 1 Kidney Shaped Table, 1 Oblong L-shaped desk, 1 wall hanging hutch and 1 bookcase/ 2 drawer lateral combo Dimesions: Desk(corner): 57.5×41.5 Return:71×23 Kidney Table: 6'x37″ Bookcase/ Lateral Combo: 36'Tx71″Wx15″D This set is priced at $900

The return is the wing portion of an L-shaped desk, named so because of the connection to manual typewriters (carriage return). Left and right sides are determined by the perspective of the person sitting at the main desk at both a L- or U-shaped desk.

A reversible return is a return that can be positioned to either the left or right side of the main desk, whichever you prefer. On many desk models, however, the return can only be attached to one side or the other, so be sure to read the product description carefully before making a selection.

Florence Knoll described her designs the fill-in pieces which had to be provided. "I needed the piece for a job and it wasn't there, so I designed it." While this may have been the motivation for the 1961 Table Desk, the elegant, perfectly proportioned result will be anything but a fill-in piece in