Kitchen Sink Clogged On Garbage Disposal Side

How To Fix A Clogged Kitchen Sink on Both Sides

Kitchen Sink Clogged On Garbage Disposal Side

Posted by Breland Albertina on Monday, 17 February, 2020 13:42:28

In most cases, you can clear clogs in a garbage disposal without using any type of chemical. Most clogs are caused by food or other items lodging between the rotor and casing of the disposal canister, causing the rotor to lock up and the drain to overflow.

They won't work on the garbage disposal side but may work on the other side depending on how many crazy bends your sink drain takes. They work on some bathroom and bathtub drains, and may work on a toilet clog too. The other option is a toilet plunger that is kept only for the kitchen sink.

The easiest is to run ice cubes in the garbage disposal. Fill the garbage disposal with the ice cubes and run the water. Then turn on the garbage disposal until the grinding stops. This should clear out the lines and water should drain from your sink.

Typically, a double kitchen sink has only one side installed with a garbage disposal unit. This increases the chances of the other side getting clogged up. If left unattended for a long time, all that accumulated food can cause obstructions in the drain line.

In a sink with a garbage disposal, refrain from chemical drain cleaners, as the caustic chemicals can corrode or damage the plastic components and metal blades within the unit. Instead, attempt to locate and pry the clog from the drain or use a combination of household products to force the clog through the drain pipes.

Take your plunger and put it in one side of the clogged sink. Take a washcloth or any rag and plug it into the opposite drain of the two basin sink (the side that will not be plunged). Begin applying some forceful pushes to one side of the sink and do this multiple times.