Greenhouse Tent Packages

Yield Lab 2x4 Ft S450 Full Spectrum LED Soil Indoor Greenhouse Complete Grow Tent kit

Greenhouse Tent Packages

Posted by Boy Adelaide on Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 21:20:24

This package requires special shipping with UPS Freight - Included for FREE! We set out to build the ideal 10' x 10' indoor greenhouse package with maximum function and value for the money. This package is 4000 watts and nearly 600 cubic feet of G..

The Monticello Growers Edition is the ideal greenhouse The Monticello Growers Edition is the ideal greenhouse designed for crops that require a lot of light in a private and secure setting. Our commercial electric exhaust fan system with built-in louvers and commercial thermostat help control the temperature inside of your Monticello Greenhouse.

An easy solution to deal with these kinds of problems is a grow tent. So now, Growers House is going to break down the 7 advantages of using an indoor grow tent package or kit. Already familiar with grow tents? Check out sizing options here . 1 Space

Our tents-by-size categories have over 50 different configurations for your application. Choose from popular brands such as Gorilla Grow Tents, Grolab, Secret Jardin and our in-house brand Plant House!! These tents have solid construction and heavy-duty zippers to ensure that your environment is sealed and thriving.

Top 5 Grow Tent Kits Here are some of our personal favorite grow tent kits, all available at! High Rise 3' x 3' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Soil Grow Tent Kit This 3' x 3' grow tent kit features a 600 Watt MH bulb for vegging, and a 600 Watt HPS bulb for flowering. greenhouse ventilation package. Skip to main content. Try Prime All