Good Basement Flooring Options

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Good Basement Flooring Options

Posted by Brien Allete on Thursday, 12 December, 2019 12:47:25

Cheap Basement Flooring Ideas by Bob Haring & Reviewed by Alicia Bodine, Certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach - Updated May 23, 2019 You'd like to finish your basement so it's more useful, but you don't want to spend a lot of money.

A good polyurethane seal will protect your engineered hardwoods, laminate, and luxury vinyl flooring. And many of these flooring options come pre-sealed. If you plan to turn part of your basement into a playroom or bedroom, you may want a softer surface. Carpet tiles are another floating floor option that works for basements.

This article focuses on "wood-look" basement flooring options - which are very attractive, but may not be the cheapest or most durable basement flooring options. Many people opt for vinyl flooring in a basement, especially if there's a risk of water leaking in. If your basement stays dry, another affordable option is carpeting.

There are many basement flooring options, but you can also dress up the standard concrete basement floor. If your concrete floor is smooth, dry, and free of imperfections, consider playing it up with paint. This is the least expensive finishing option for basement floors and is ideal for casual spaces.

These cool finished basement ideas share a variety of exciting ways you can get the most out of your extra living space. A finished basement design gives you, family and friends a place to hang out and enjoy any time of year. From home bars, game rooms, home gyms or movie rooms there are tons of ways to create a finished basement you'll love.

Inexpensive Options for Flooring in Basements. And you don't need to. A basement just requires a good, serviceable flooring material that will stand up to abuse and, above all, moisture. Since basements floors are below ground and usually rest atop a concrete slab, moisture is a primary concern.