Fix Leaky Bathroom Sink Faucets

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Fix Leaky Bathroom Sink Faucets

Posted by Boutilier Acel on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 03:35:50

This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey demonstrates how to fix a leaky faucet. "But it will save the finish on your enamel sink and end your Chinese water torture." Step Two // How to Repair a Dripping Two-Handled Stem Faucet.

If your two-handle faucet is leaking, feel the water to determine which side is leaking, hot or cold. You need to replace the cartridge on only the side that's leaking. However, it's possible that both sides are leaking and you'll have to replace both cartridges.

If water is leaking out around the base of the faucet handle, you may be able to fix the leak by removing the handle (Photo 1) and simply tightening the adjusting ring slightly (Figure A; a large version is available in the Addendum at the end of this article). Turn it clockwise with the spanner tool included in the repair kit.

Search for Repair Leaking Bathroom Faucet Results on MySimon! The first step in fixing a leaking bathroom faucet is to shut off the water supply and close the sink drain. Tape the jaws of the wrench to avoid putting scratches on the fixture.

To fix your leaking faucet, turn the pipes below the sink to turn off the water and plug the drain with a rag. If you have a faucet with 2 handles for hot and cold, remove each handle, remove the nut with a wrench, pull out the stem, and replace the seat washer to fix the leak.

In the old days, repairing a leaky faucet could be as simple as replacing a rubber washer, but more likely it involved struggling with corroded screws and stripped valve stems. New faucets are easy to take apart, and replacement parts are readily available at most hardware stores, home centers and plumbing supply stores.