Family Home Entertainment 1983

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Family Home Entertainment 1983

Posted by Breaud Alair on Wednesday, 15 January, 2020 18:32:04

The GI Joe A Real American Hero franchise (Toys, comics, and cartoons) played a huge role in my formative years. Being that I am currently member of the US Military, I frequently joke that I joined because the role that GI Joe played in my early childhood.

The Charmkins is a television film based on an early 1980s toyline by Hasbro, which was broadcast on October 25, 1983. Plot. Brown-Eyed Susan and the other Charmkin children of Charmland go on a quest to rescue Lady Slipper after she is kidnapped by Evil Dragonweed and whisked off to Thistledown

Now this logo is a HUGE improvement over the previous FHE logos. It's not scary at all. It's calming, mainly because of the music. This logo ages well with time and still looks like a recent logo, unlike the previous creepy crapfests that were the 1982 and 1983 logos.

Here's the craptacular logo for FHE, from 1982. The reason I think this is a crappy logo is because it just uses low-budget effects all over. One, the music. It is so weird it creeps me out. It's like a bad synth mixed with a turntable. The font for Family Home Entertainment is just godawful. It's the same font that was used in the 1984 Saban logo.

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Artisan Entertainment was founded in 1981 by Noel C. Bloom as Family Home Entertainment, Inc.. In 1983, FHE began operating its new subsidiary U.S.A. Home Video, when tapes were usually packaged in large boxes and included non-family films such as Supergirl, Silent Night, Deadly Night, and many B-movies,