Family Home Entertainment 1983

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Family Home Entertainment 1983

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The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings. The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings is the first television special to feature the Care Bears characters. Made by Ottawa 's Atkinson Film-Arts studio, it was premiered in syndication on April 22, 1983. The special features the ten original Bears, along with the Cloud-Keeper

The Charmkins is a television film based on an early 1980s toyline by Hasbro, which was broadcast on October 25, 1983. Plot. Brown-Eyed Susan and the other Charmkin children of Charmland go on a quest to rescue Lady Slipper after she is kidnapped by Evil Dragonweed and whisked off to Thistledown

Here Is The Opening To Peter And The Magic Egg 1983 VHS And Here Are The Order: 1.FBI Warning Screen 2.1981 Family Home Entertainment Logo 3.Start Of The Pro Skip navigation Sign in

1983 Family Home Entertainment logo 1989 F.H.E.-Christmas Classics Series promo Start of the special Closing . A Rankin/Bass Production logo Broadway Video logo 1983 Family Home Entertainment logo Broadway Video presents The Little Drummer Boy (1993 Family Home Entertainment VHS) Print Date: 10/4/1993 Label Type: White Horizontal Sticker Opening

Family Home Entertainment (1983) (1990) Bumper Commercial. Taken from "Inspector Gadget" on VHS. Log in to comment on this commercial. Comments. Skeletor Posted 8 years 9 months ago And now our feature presentation: Raphael meets his match!

Here's the craptacular logo for FHE, from 1982. The reason I think this is a crappy logo is because it just uses low-budget effects all over. One, the music. It is so weird it creeps me out. It's like a bad synth mixed with a turntable. The font for Family Home Entertainment is just godawful. It's the same font that was used in the 1984 Saban logo.