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Design Sponge Bathrooms

Posted by Bouton Adalicia on Sunday, 10 November, 2019 04:48:39

Lately I've been noticing a beautiful and intriguing new trend for the bathroom: new bathrooms designed to look like old bathrooms. If you think there's nothing more beautiful than an Art Deco bathroom covered in Art Deco tile, or if you secretly love the all-pink 50s numbers that everyone else hates — well, this look's for you.

Dark bathrooms can infuse drama, confidence and boldness to any interior, the design is risky, however if pulled off right, can be very sensual and beautiful. Most people would not dare to design a space in dark tones, especially for the bathroom since there aren't usually large expanses of windows to draw in natural light.

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The pastel colors and sponge-paint design of the restrooms at Beaumont Elementary in Waterford, Michigan, have a calming, soothing vibe. 14. Because kid bathrooms CAN have great design. This UK school was designed with kid friendliness in mind. The vibrant touches no doubt make their students feel happy, safe, and secure.

A white-and-gold bathroom, found on Design Sponge, featuring a white subway tile with a golden accent and gold-finished faucet hardware also uses a vintage doorknob as a hand towel hook. The Hollywood look is complete with a make-up-room style light fixture.

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