Cottage Lake Water System

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Cottage Lake Water System

Posted by Bressan Alexandre on Thursday, 12 December, 2019 07:47:06

Need to draw water about 100 feet from the lake to the first cottage where the existing pump is dead (about a 10 ft incline). There one bathroom and a kitchen in first cottage including 2 sinks, one dishwasher, one bath/shower, one toilet and a 40 gal hot water heater. Second cottage is just storage.

We use the cottage a lot in the winter, sledding etc. before this system I had to get buckets of water from our well with a hand pump on top of it. I got tired of making trips out to the well, and

Cottage Water Supply began over 20 years ago when founder Adam Soszka developed a winter water system for his family cottage. Frustrated by the options on the market at the time, and the lack of customer support available to cottagers shopping for water pumps, he perfected his own winter water system which he then patented and turned into a successful business.

Winterized Cottage Water Systems Our self-draining winter water systems are the ideal way to supply water to your cottage year-round. Lake, River & Deep Well Applications Whether you are drawing water from a lake, river or well, we have a winter system that's right for you.

These cottage water supply systems are perfect for efficiently cleansing lake water of virtually all harmful contaminants and organisms to provide clean water for you and your family. These self-cleaning cottage water supply systems don't need winterizing, and are designed for efficient, year-round performance.

Autumn is when seasonal cottage and rural water systems across Canada need to be drained for winter. Success is vital, and the reason is because of an unusual physical property. Water is one of the few liquids that expands as it freezes, and not even metal can contain the pressure without splitting.