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Corelite Kiln Shelves Manufacturer

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Manufacturer: Cedar heights. Results 1 - 1 of 1. Kiln Shelves Corelite Kiln Shelves Corelite. Kiln Shelves Cordierite. Underglazes. Fireshades and Clay Art Center. Laguna Low Fire Underglaze. Amaco Semi-Moist Underglaze Sets. Amaco Velvet Underglaze Sets.

The hotter the temperatures, and the larger the shelves, the thicker the shelves need to be. Most shelves are 5/8", 3/4" or 1" thick. Manufacturers have typically matched the thicknesses of their shelves with their kilns very well (the higher fire kilns have thicker shelves) but if your needs are different, we can make substitutions.

Bailey offers a variety of kiln shelves to suit most needs. Below are some general guidelines to help you determine which shelves are most appropriate for your application. More detailed information appears on each specific shelf page. Please read all information carefully before selecting your shelves.

Discover the Corelite advantage! Corelite kiln shelves are light weight alternatives to the traditional ceramic kiln shelves. The advantages of Corelite kiln shelves are: Reduced back strain from loading and unloading. Less warpage. Less likely to crack. Lower firing costs. Max firing temperature 2350 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Note for Glass Makers: Kiln shelves may often have a rough surface, or are made with slight imperfections and pockmarks. While this is rarely an issue for ceramic artists, this may be troublesome for those who work with glass. While we cannot accept returns on shelves due to surface variations, we do suggest that glass artists use Thin Fire Shelf Paper which will help combat imperfections in

Corelite Kiln Shelves are extruded hollow refractory materials that are double sided diamond wet ground for extreme flatness. They are available in a variety of sizes including rounds, half rounds, rectangles and large ovals for glass kilns. You should evaluate the type of glassware and firing schedule to decide what is the best option.