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Corelite Kiln Shelves Manufacturer

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KILN SHELVES. Often imitated, never equaled. The only LO-MASSĀ® nitride-bonded kiln shelf with 25+ years of proven performance. Made flat to stay flat. Light, thin, strong, glaze resistant shelves for gas and electric kilns.

Amaco Kiln Shelves. Please allow ADDITIONAL DELIVERY TIME for factory-shipped items. Click here to view expected shipping dates, or call our Order Dept (800)-828-4548. The following items are shipped directly from the manufacturer. The expected ship dates are valid for orders placed today. Please allow additional time for delivery.

CoreLite Kiln Shelves. CoreLite is a high thermal shock resistant extruded refractory material based in a rich mullite / cordierite composition, suitable to Cone 10 firing temperatures. Cannot be cut. Kiln Shelf (14" X 28" x 1")--

Although they are a bit more expensive than the standard Cordierite shelves, they strong, stay flat longer -- and are also much lighter than the standard shelves, which makes them a breeze to load especially in top loading kilns. The black shelves pictured above are silicon carbide shelves. These shelves are ideal for high temperature firing and for gas kilns - because they can conduct electricity, we do not recommend them for use in your electric kiln.

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