Ceramic Fireplace Glass Replacement

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Ceramic Fireplace Glass Replacement

Posted by Breaud Alair on Sunday, 24 May, 2020 12:41:04

Here is a side by side comparison of a Fireplace with Ceramic glass and one with Tempered glass. The fireplace with Tempered glass is Burning 20,000 BTU's. The ceramic glass Fireplace is only

The coating raises the temperature of the glass to help reduce adhesion of soot, and provides a uniform glass surface that maintains a natural view of the stove or fireplace. Heat reflective coatings are available for various flat and curved glass configurations.

Wood Stove and Fireplace Ceramic Glass Replacement Custom Cut Glass. Got a cracked glass on your wood stove? We can pick it up during our sweep service or you can drop the stove door at our shop just outside Minden. We can custom cut any shape or size of ceramic glass. We also stock 7 different

Our ceramic fireplace glass is a low-expansion glass product that is perfectly suited for applications that involve heat or thermal shock, or where extra durability is required. Because this type of glass does not expand due to heat, it is ideal for your fireplace. Branded as Neoceram, this product has been available for over 30 years.

Replacement glass for all zero clearance, pre-fab fireplaces and most masonry fireplaces must be strengthened through a tempering process. This is because tempered glass affords the most strength to a fireplace door enclosure while still maintaining a high heat resistance of 400° F before breaking.

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