Ceiling Fan For Living Room

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Ceiling Fan For Living Room

Posted by Branche Adilene on Thursday, 5 December, 2019 10:19:53

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Ceiling fans can go up to 52″, which is more than sufficient for most living rooms, but if yours is exceptionally large, you may want to get two fans. Not all living rooms are blessed with a high ceiling, and if yours isn't, flush mount ceiling fans are ideal for low hung ceilings.

The latest trend in ceiling fans is BIG! A decade ago, ceiling fans were pretty much only available in 42", 48" and 52". In the last several years, there has been a huge influx of larger diameter residential ceiling fans hit the market and the most popular size is now the 60" ceiling fan.

Purchasing a ceiling fan for your porch is not the same as purchasing one for your living room. That's because each location is exposed to unique weather elements, which can affect the performance and life of a fan. It's important that you buy a ceiling fan that is rated specifically for its intended location.

For a very small living room, centering a ceiling fan can work best, but for larger rooms, place them directly over the seating area. Center the fan in the seating area so that the warmed or cool air is directed evenly upon everyone seated in that area. In a dining room, the best place to put a ceiling fan is centered over the dining room table.

These fans move air with ease, helping to control heating and cooling bills. Wayfair's collection of extremely large room ceiling fans is designed expressly for wide-open spaces that may be difficult to cool without the right equipment. Bring comfort to your space with extremely large room ceiling fans from Wayfair's considerable array of choices.