Build Your Own House On The Cheap

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Build Your Own House On The Cheap

Posted by Brasseur Advent on Friday, 13 December, 2019 13:45:22

Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the cheapest way to build a home. Most of it comes down to planning; looking at each stage and finding the most economical option. But you also have to consider the type of home. Stick-built homes may cost more and take more time to build than other options.

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Your assumptions are wrong when it comes to The Evans House, built to budget in the Argentine wine country surrounding the city of Mendoza. Constructed using reinforced concrete, steel and wood, this stunning modern home clocks in at 270 m2 and is deeply sensitive to its environment, resembling a wine barrel or hollow log.

Rather than buy a house, he decided to build his own and the results are magical! The main section of the house is a perfect sphere, which sparked the nickname "Dome House."

This guide is for everyone who was in my place: not a lot of money, a lot of drive and ambition, and the desire to design and build your own tiny house with no budget. It's for the young people just out of high school and college, with no house or car to sell to fund their home, with little money but few commitments and the time to spend.

Earth is probably the least expensive building material (literally dirt-cheap), and therefore holds enormous potential for solving our housing crisis. - Recycled bags are readily available in most places.