Brick Wall Design Living Room Singapore

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Brick Wall Design Living Room Singapore

Posted by Breon Aldrich on Thursday, 5 December, 2019 19:54:20

The usage of korean wallpaper in singapore are increasing in household and office which are overtaking the norm of using painting to decorate the interior visual effect. WallSG aim is to bring in quality and wide range of design for our client to explore wallpapers for wall.

Here are 19 stunning interior brick wall ideas. There are many options to use exposed brick walls in the interior design to give a different style and look. Here are 19 stunning interior brick wall ideas. Brick wall exposed in living room with rich color palette and tall indoor plants. via

Having an exposed brick wall in a living room is an ongoing trend in interior design. It adds a touch of industrial sturdiness and reflects the affection to natural elements. Moreover, contrary to the popular belief, they match more style than just sheer industrial. Look at these 291 exposed brick wall ideas for living rooms […]

A textured brick wall with randomly colored segments adds to the rustic sensation of this bedroom while still maintaining a simplistic design without being too boring. And yes, a flat screen TV mounted on said brick wall facing the bed is functional as well as ornamental. 6. Split-up Wardrobe. Location: Yishun, 5 Room HDB Flat (112 Sqm)

A living room is probably considered as the most utilized area in the house where you gather with family and friends, and every designer make their utmost efforts to make it as attractive as possible. A stone or brick wall can add personality to any living room, uneven brick makes the space cozy and joyful regardless of the style you've selected.

The exposed brick wall in the living room can come in a wide array of forms and hues, and it seems to fit in with styles ranging from industrial and shabby chic to contemporary and vintage. Today, we have a collection of 100 spellbinding living rooms with brick walls that will fascinate, inspire and elevate your design creativity. Delve in and