Best Vinyl Tile For Basement Floor

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Best Vinyl Tile For Basement Floor

Posted by Brasseur Advent on Monday, 1 June, 2020 19:01:15

As you begin exploring whether luxury vinyl tile is right for your home, you'll quickly find there are tons of options to choose from. But where to begin? These Q&A will give you an idea of what to expect, and make it much easier to find the best luxury vinyl tile flooring for your needs.

Most often, concrete floors are seen in basements and other out of the way places. However, if you choose to remodel your basement and need a new floor, the first thing to consider is what type of floor you need. Several varieties of tiles, including ceramic and vinyl, can be used; choose the one that best suits your anticipated use.

Of the two, Adura is the more cost-effective way to plank your home with 4" x 36" dimensions and 4 mm thicknesses. You'll find nothing spectacular or earth-shattering about Adura's teaks, oaks, and maples; just basic, solid vinyl for your bargain-remodel kitchen, or for a basement, kids' room, or second bathroom.

Carpet and vinyl are the best coverings for uneven floors, and carpet can hide the fact that the floor isn't flat. Tiles and hardwoods are generally not recommended, but you can sometimes get away with them if you're willing to invest a bit more time and labor into the floor installation process.

Vinyl flooring, sheet or plank, is best as an attractive, 100% waterproof covering for basements that most homeowners can easily install. Sheet or plank vinyl flooring hits the middle sweet spot of requirements for basement flooring.

Vinyl planks can withstand damp concrete basement floors and look gorgeous at the same time. 10 reasons vinyl flooring is the best for concrete slab basements You've decided to give your basement a makeover and you need to find a cheap and waterproof alternative to your boring, cold, concrete floor.