Best Lighting For A Small Galley Kitchen

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Best Lighting For A Small Galley Kitchen

Posted by Brame Adelynn on Saturday, 15 February, 2020 09:57:02

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How to Best Light Your Kitchen. The lighting over the cooktop is an excellent example of task lighting, designed to light a specific activity. The three main types of lighting are general, which provides basic light for the room; task lighting, which highlights a specific work area; and accent lighting, which can create a focal point in the room.

A galley kitchen derives its name from a long, narrow kitchen typically found on a train, plane or ship. These small kitchens can sometimes feel crowded and claustrophobic. You can, however, make

Since the main color of galley kitchens are best in white or light colors, adding accents of color, pattern, and/or texture, are great ways to add in touches of your personal taste and style. By using a bold rug, contrasting wallpaper, or an exciting light fixture, a small space still can be functional, yet interesting.

The best lighting ideas for a small kitchen are those that combine many types of light in a layered approach. Not only does this provide complete coverage in the space, it helps create a pleasant overall atmosphere and allows customization of the lighting level in specific areas.

Galley kitchens originated in Frankfurt in 1926. A galley kitchen is an efficiency-style kitchen, that helps to utilize small space in an productive manner. The units in a galley kitchen are placed lengthwise in parallel counters. The cabinets are placed overhead, which provide increased storage space and makes best use of restricted space.