Bedroom Music Studio Equipment

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Bedroom Music Studio Equipment

Posted by Brin Aluin on Monday, 18 May, 2020 13:39:21

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Home Music Studio Equipment - Essentials for Beginners Feel free to jump to a desired section using the time links below: COMPUTER: 1:34 DAW: 2:05 INTERFACE: 4:56 MICROPHONES: 6:00 MIC ACCESSORIES

Bedroom Studio - which is typically a small setup next to your bedside, and is the absolute minimum you need to record sound into your computer. Dedicated Home Studio - which is typically a room in your house used solely for recording, that includes both studio furniture, and acoustic treatment.

Getting your home studio setup right isn't easy. It takes a bit of time and money to get going. But I want to let you in on a little secret… You only need 8 pieces of equipment to set up a home recording studio that can produce radio-worthy tracks.

Simply put, a room designed as a bedroom is not designed for audio production. It has low ceilings, parallel walls and reflective surfaces. Not the most ideal room for accurate monitoring and music mixing. With acoustic treatment on your walls, you manage to reduce the reflections bouncing off the walls,

Bedroom music studios have been the birthplace of many professional sonic productions for years and years. But what kinds gear went into these types of studio setups for the optimal outcome? This buying guide answers the question. Today we take a look at the 15 best products for bedroom music studios, or simply smaller home studios.