Basement Mold Removal 19087

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Basement Mold Removal 19087

Posted by Bram Adelle on Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 21:53:57

A small crack in a water pipe led to some water damage in my (finished) basement. As a result some mold started to form on the drywall and cement floor (noticed after the carpeting and padding was removed). We needed a relatively minor mold remediation.

Black Mold Removal; Black Mold in the Basement. Black mold can be found in nearly any place in the home or commercial building, but there are certain places that it seems to favor. Dark, damp and tucked away places are often the first places that you will stumble upon black mold.

Mold in Basement Removal. If your basement has concrete walls and a concrete floor, mold can usually be removed with an antimicrobial cleanser like Foster 40-80 and a scrub brush. If you have a finished basement, though, and there is mold on drywall or on carpet, it won't be so simple.

Mold Busters LLC provides a thorough mold testing service with quick removal of all existing mold. Our specialists are knowledgeable, skilled experts who are dedicated to the job. Mold Busters LLC will provide you with reliable services that will not disappoint you.

Mold Remediation, Mold Removal Wayne PA 19087, 19088, 19080 Many people wonder if they should attempt to do this on their own or leave it up to a professional.

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