Basement Epoxy Paint Reviews

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Basement Epoxy Paint Reviews

Posted by Brunelle Amity on Monday, 9 December, 2019 07:48:34

The bad news is that rubber tires will pull up even the best basement floor paint. A long-lasting choice is, of course, epoxy paint, but you have other options for garage floors and the 2-part epoxy (just below) is one. These days you do not have to use a 2-part product, but they are best.

Quick video made while installing the BEHR bonding agent and BEHR 1 part garage epoxy paint. I am no professional by any means. Floor Paint Review and How To. 77,843 views. 7:17. How to

Garage Floor Paint Comparisons and Reviews For the most part, Behr recommends using these paints on basement or masonry garage walls, rather than floors. For floors Behr recommends its one and two part epoxy garage floor treatments for best results. epoxy and paint operate on two

Basement Floor Epoxy Coating. Many clients choose to install a high-quality ArmorPoxy basement floor epoxy coating. Unlike traditional basement floor paint, our epoxy floor coatings act as a sealer, helping to prevent lines and cracks from showing up over time.

Test for loose, flaking paint by pressing a piece of masking or cellophane tape at various places, then pull it off with an abrupt action. If the tape does not pull the paint from the surface, it can be painted. If the existing paint is removed, the loose paint should be removed down to a sound substrate by wire brushing or sanding.

Epoxy and waterproof paint are two products that you may find useful if you own a home with a basement. When you have a basement, use this type of paint to protect your home. Because basements are below ground level, they are prone to not only dampness, but also water run-off, which can damage the