Average Patio Table Size

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Average Patio Table Size

Posted by Brye Ange on Tuesday, 7 April, 2020 09:49:02

If you're planning to shade a dining set, make sure your table is equipped with an umbrella hole. If not, or if you're shading a conversation set, an offset umbrella will do the trick. Don't know what size patio umbrella you need? Check out this handy chart or view our Patio Umbrella Size Guide with its helpful infographic.

You should also make sure that the chairs are sized correctly for your table. Patio tables are typically about 30 inches high (standard dining height), so chairs with seats around 18 inches off the ground work for most patio tables.

The average size for a living room patio is approximately 16 by 18 feet. To accommodate your guests, be sure to provide ample room for traffic flow. A good rule of thumb is to allow a 3-foot clearance around furniture.

Start with a 36- to 44-inch diameter table and use leaves to extend it. To seat four to six people: 36-inch diameter (minimum) x 56 inches long. To seat six to eight-8 people: 36-inch diameter (minimum) x 72 inches long. To seat 8 to 10 people: 36-inch diameter (minimum) x 84 inches long.

Find Patio Umbrella Pole Diameter. On a hot scorching day shaded patio is an idyllic place to relax. When choosing the umbrella and its base, make sure to match it with the patio umbrella pole diameter for security and stability. Check the products we've covered below.

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