Atrrs Army Help Desk Number

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Atrrs Army Help Desk Number

Posted by Brassard Adrianne on Wednesday, 8 April, 2020 09:57:53

Please call the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) for ALMS Assistance. ATHD Phone Number: 1-877-251-0730

"In accordance with the OFPP Administrator's general delegation authority under the OFPP Act (41 U.S.C ยง 1122(c)(2)), and with the consent of the Acting Administrator of General Services, the OFPP Administrator is hereby delegating to the Administrator of General Services (hereinafter also GSA Administrator) the responsibility for managing the daily operations of FAI and for supporting FAI's

The Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS) is the Department of the Army system for managing operational, training and test munitions. Internet Explorer is currently set to display this site in Compatibility Mode.

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Are you a current Department of Army employee or service member? (Retirees and Family Members are not eligible for ACT) Verify you have a valid AKO account by logging into AKO () Are you a Department of Army contractor? Contractor access is provided on a case-by-case basis.